Friday, November 11, 2016

What the Trump Presidency means to black Americans and Africans at large!

Never has there been a leader of this kind in remembered history. the only person who comes close is Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin. This historic upset has taken us decades if not centuries back. This is one of the saddest days in progressive history of the civilized world. Never expect somebody who preaches hate to bring unity and healing, its like expecting a mango fruit from an apple tree!( I say this as both, a black man, African man, a descendant of those enslaved for hundreds of years in this country) Not just that but as one converted to Christianity religion by the gospel brought to us by men who held a Bible on one hand and a gun on another, taking our land, cattle, resources, raping women hanging and killing our forefathers in their land and colonizing us. Hence today we are called 'poor people'. I seek to understand why the late Zimbabwean Prof and former President Canaan Banana wanted the Bible to be written in African version. I seek to understand what he was talking about. Is the God of the Bible European, is he white, is he fair skinned. Does he speak English? Few years ago a great African American preacher, had a question that bothered " he wondered if God was going burn African people in hell? Is it said that he said Lord, these people are already suffering and have suffered long enough. What kind of a God will punish such people? In my life, I have seen that religion has not done helped Africa. It has blinded us, because we thing everything will be okay. In Zimbabwe today most industries are now been turned into churches. (Yes I am a born again christian.) A wise once said, the way we accepted Christianity in Africa, is like eating bread and the plastic that covers it. Are we ever gonna have people who will preach the gospel as it is. I know a lot of preachers from this country who when they go to Africa, claim to cats out demons, yet here in the states there are they don't lay a finger on any of them.Bob Marley said "Free yourself from mental slavery"