Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mass grave discovered at Cowdry Park!

A suspected gukurahundi mass grave discovered in Cowdray Park.

Mthwakazi Republic Party visited the Cowdray Park area popularly known as EMpompini after having been tipped off by the community about massive human remains discovery. This development comes after MRP 's president and other officials burried the remains of the dead at Matobo and there has been several calls by our people all over the region to come and offer them the similar assistance.

The officials who visited the scene are Hloniphani Ncube the Secretary General, Mbonisi Gumbo, the Secretary for information and publicity, Nqobani Ncube the Secretary for political Education. Upon our arrival in the scene we were shown two human remains who resurfaced because of the rains that the city experienced recently. It appears these bodies were just dumped in the area by the fifth brigade, a special force tasked by Mugabe, Mnangagwa and Shiri to kill our people and just dump them in an inhuman way, with no sense of decency and respect for the dead up to this day. 

The estimate for this inhuman genocide is said to be more than 20 000, but as a party we feel the number is far beyond that.

The people who came to the scene upon our arrival indicated that, the people around the area built their houses on top of these mass graves unknowingly. They said they have reported so many cases of this nature and the Zimbabwe Republic Police officials would just come and take the remains and make them disappear just like that. As law abiding citizens and individuals seeking justice in our life time we requested the community to report this particular case so as to monitor the reaction of the ZRP with a record of brutality.

It is a shame that since 1987 the period in which gukurahundi genocide was physically ended to the Matebeleland people, the Mthwakazi territory, no investigations or an inquiry  to the matter has been undertaken. In our own estimation that Cowdray Park mass grave must be having more than 2500 bodies judging by the space and bodies that have just surfaced on top of that area. 

The communities indicated that, they could not report to the MDC T councillor because the fellow stays at Mahatshula. In his term he has done practically nothing tangible. The state of the roads is at its poorest. There is poor drainage system at Cow Dray Park and in some instances no bridges especially into the new stands and during the rain season children do not go to school. This is not a surprise because MDC T is just a ZANU PF project and since it's inception it has further deteriorated the situation  in Bulawayo and the last being the millions of dollars which they looted through stands scandals and nothing was done because the majority were Shona people sent on a mission to destroy our region.

We call our people to resoundingly out vote them come 2018 and choose the people's party which is non other than Mthwakazi Republic Party that would automatically free Mthwakazi. The only thing or way to attain our independence is to restore our nation and do our own inquiry on gukurahundi genocide.

Yithi abantu !!!!!!!! Abantu yithi !!!!!!

Hloniphani Ncube 
(Secretary General)